2020, a year full of creativity and entrepreneurship!

[bleu violet]Investing in new equipment and e-commerce websites to promote ethical and unique « made in Burkina Faso » products![/bleu violet]

[saumon]Kalanexpo[/saumon] – founded by Marie and Soumaïla Kanla and specialized in the production of objects and furniture from naturally dried wood – plans to triple its sales this year by strengthening its team and using better equipment, an online shop and a showroom. Committed to preserving and enhancing the value of their region’s forest resources, these entrepreneurs are embarking on the process of obtaining an ethical and responsible label for their products.

Creating an e-commerce website to export his trendy creations internationally is also part of the plan of Sébastien Bazemo, [saumon]Bazem’Se[/saumon]’s designer. Targeting new markets will enable him to involve more female weavers in the production of the fabrics needed for the creation of his clothes and accessories. By combining originality, ethics and quality, Bazem’Se contributes to the African heritage reputation.

[bleu violet]Creating a suitable environment to strengthen artistic and technical skills in order to make a living from their passion![/bleu violet]

Daudi Karungi wishes to work even more strongly for contemporary art development in Uganda thanks to the [saumon]Afriart Gallery[/saumon]. In addition to diversifying his events and reaching out to more local and international art collectors, he’s launching the artist in residency program “Silhouette Projects – Artists In Residency (SP-AIR)”. This space will enable young talent to create new work, network and grow as an artist.

Angèle Diabang is famous in the film industry but she’s also highly committed to women’s empowerment. In her company, [saumon]Karoninka[/saumon], workers are mainly women. This commitment is furthermore reflected in her determination to set up the “Mousso Institute”, whose ambition is to arouse the interest of women from Senegalese remote areas in audiovisual professions. Karoninka is also nurturing the project to produce a series in 2020.

[bleu violet]Developing pilot animated series for children based on African heritage![/bleu violet]

The Ugandan animation studio [saumon]Crossroads Digital Multimedia[/saumon], directed by David Masanso, wants to present a new children’s animated series named “Mukago” and use TV channels and on-demand platforms to reach a larger audience. Beyond that, Crossroads is committed to making a real social impact by surrounding itself with a team comprising 50% of women and 5% of disabled workers, including deaf people.

The publishing house [saumon]Langages du Sud[/saumon], whose motto is “to reveal is to transmit”, will develop a TV animated series based on its Youth Collection “Lina and Adam”. The purpose is to offer a series produced for and by Moroccan and African actors. The manager, Patricia Defever, emphasizes that Langages du Sud’s productions have a strong educational dimension by dealing with gender equality and environmental preservation.

[bleu violet]Developing their companies to offer real career opportunities to actors in the African music industry![/bleu violet]

Through his company [saumon]Anya[/saumon] Brahim El Mazned’s aims to promote the music industry of African and Middle Eastern countries, to encourage artistic mobility between these countries and to improve the status of artists from the South. In 2020, Anya will therefore develop similar activities to those of the Moroccan Visa For Music fair/ festival throughout the year and in new venues.

In Uganda, Elijah Kitaka has launched the « [saumon]Fezah Booking[/saumon] » and « [saumon]Fezah Monitoring[/saumon] » apps. The first enables event professionals to easily book musicians and the second enables artist to monitor the airplay of their tracks. These apps are available on iOS and Android as early as this year. The company’s expansion has already been launched.

Finally, [saumon]Optimiste Produktions[/saumon]’ founders, Fatoumata and Safouane Pindra, are committed to creating jobs for Senegalese youth in the urban cultures sector. In order to achieve this, they’re offering a range of activities: from equipment rental to organizing events and festivals, trainings of technicians and recording services.

[bleu violet]Thanks to Afrique Créative’s support, these dreams will come true in 2020![/bleu violet]

Thanks to tailored coaching as well as e-learning sessions, bootcamps and initial financing, Afrique Créative enable the entrepreneurs to achieve their goals. The coaching meets their needs byaddressing topics such as the development of their marketing strategies, fundraising, the organization of their teams, the (re)structuring of their business models, etc. The objective is to accelerate the growth of the participating companies, create jobs, and ultimately boost their social impact!

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