2020 is starting well for the Ugandan entrepreneurs of Afrique Créative

Elijah Kitaka has been working for several months on the technical side of [bleu]Fezah [/bleu] apps. The entrepreneur has decided to split his concept in two apps: one dedicated to the musicians’ airplay monitoring of their tracks, and the other allowing event professionals to book artists. Recently, the company has published a new intuitive and graphically attractive version of its website. From now on, it is possible to download Fezah apps from Apple Store and Google Play. Bright prospects are emerging for musician artists in Uganda!

The animated series for children Mukago, produced by the animation studio [bleu]Crossroads Digital Multimedia Ltd[/bleu], is increasingly taking shape. The recording of the character voices is in progress. The participants of the Women in animation Uganda programme, launched by the company, are very involved in this process. The studio manager David Masanso has moreover organized an extensive computer art bootcamp in Kampala on the 11th and 12th of February, where Andrew Maximov, founder of Promethean AI and former art director for Naughty Dog, has facilitated workshops on animation and artificial intelligence.

Since January, the members of [bleu]Afriart Gallery[/bleu], including the founder Daudi Karungi, have been very active. In addition to the various exhibitions it organizes, the gallery launched on the 14th of January a call for artists as part of its new project Silhouette Project Artist in Residency (SP-AIR). Applications were closed on the 7th of February and winners will be announced soon. The team also just announced that the residency will include a program allowing artists to create works with recycled materials.

These three winners surely have many more surprises in store for you in the coming months.

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