A race to creativity and development for our entrepreneurs !

Ready… : entrepreneurs on starting blocks. 

  • The Burkinabe entrepreneurs have both finalized redesigning their visual identities to match the high-end products they offer. Therefore, let us introduce you to Kaala formerly Kalanexpo and Sébastien Bazemo, once Bazem’se. It is through their new brand that they intend to make their savoir-faire and ideals travel within and beyond Burkina Faso’s borders.
  • Optimiste Produktions has just received its new sound equipment. An essential investment to get closer to its goal: becoming a production and recording company recognized in the Senegalese event industry. The structure has also just started its 1-year training program for African youth from urban cultures.

… Set… : projects on the verge of blossoming

  • The ANYA company has worked on all fronts: the mobile stage project, born during the confinement, is gradually taking root in the Moroccan cultural ecosystem. In the meantime, the company has managed to finalize a first prototype of its Anthology of Rwayes and has started writing a book about them.
  • Creativity does not stop there! Sébastien Bazemo, worked on the restructuring of his collection Koko-Dunda clothing, which now includes four series: the accessory, classic, prestige and made-to-measure series. It’s in his new workshop that he was able to present them to his public during a major fashion show. Kaala followed him in this endeavor, focusing on the creation of a new collection of dried wood furniture.
  • The last three months were equally successful for Angèle Diabang. Her portfolio now includes 4 scripts on the way of being finalized. Those will allow Karoninka to position itself on the African and international film market.
  • As for Crossroads, COVID did not prevent it from getting on its schedule and taking the first 3 episodes of its animated series Mukago in post-production while working on the promotion of its universe by creating awareness spots.

…Go! …Entrepreneurs on the road to success.

  • COVID did not stop the creative energy of FEZAH who managed to bring live music to life through online shows in a time of lockdown and social distancing. Thanks to its various innovative applications, 6 virtual concerts paying 20 musicians and welcoming an average audience of 150 people, have been performed. This gave birth to its brand-new platform: Live at Fezah!
  • The diversification of its creative content is a success for Langages du Sud: its brand-new 3D animated series pilot, Lina and Adam , is finalized. At the same time, 35 audio capsules, featuring the heroes of the series, were released to Moroccan youth.
  • As for Afriart Gallery, the first edition of artist residencies (SP-AIR) on the theme of recycling, will be concluded by an exhibit named (Im)perfections , in late Septembre in Kampala. Also, this residence presents a positive outcome: one of the candidates is selected to exhibit his works in October at the next African Art Fair “1-54” occurring in London. After organizing his gallery open doors, Daudi Karungi is now in the starting blocks of a second edition of the artist residencies program which will deal with the theme: “visual abstraction“.

The health crisis has not stopped the creativity of Afrique Créative’s entrepreneurs and the development of their projects.They continue to demonstrate with strength and determination their capacity for innovation!This business recovery bodes well for the future.

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