Afrique Créative, a consortium of 4 brillant and motivated organizations

The Afrique Créative programme is implemented thanks to the [bleu violet]financial support[/bleu violet] of the Agence Française de Développement (AFD) through its mandate on cultural and creative industries. Its execution is ensured by a consortium composed of four structures:

First among them is Africalia, a Belgian association that aims at creating and consolidating a favourable working environment for African cultural operators. Africalia [bleu violet]coordinates the consortium[/bleu violet] and all the activities of Afrique Créative, from communication to administrative and financial management, including the organization of e-learning sessions and the various events that shape the programme. The structure maintains regular contact with the incubees to ensure that the programme meets their development objectives.

Alongside Africalia is the Investisseurs et Partenaires (I&P) group, dedicated to financing and supporting start-ups and small and medium-sized companies in Sub-Saharan Africa. This group is in charge of Afrique Créative’s [bleu violet]business pole[/bleu violet] and, consequently, plays an essential role in entrepreneurs’ business coaching. In addition to recruiting business mentors, I&P develops close ties with the incubated companies in order to best adapt the support to their needs and prepare them for future fundraising. Thanks to its expertise in this area, I&P has also provided useful content in online courses.

The [bleu violet]creative pole[/bleu violet] of the program is led by two organizations located on the African continent. On the [bleu violet]French-speaking[/bleu violet] side, the key partner is Zhu Culture, an artistic and cultural agency based in Dakar whose activities range from accompanying artists to presenting shows. The organization has enabled the incubees to be in contact with their creative mentors. It ensures the follow-up of this coaching which aims to bring a technical experience in the elaboration and implementation of strategies and development plans. The logistical organization of Afrique Créative’s launch event in Saint-Louis (Senegal) was also ensured by Zhu Culture.

For the [bleu violet]English-speaking[/bleu violet] part of the programme, the leading member of the consortium is the Ugandan organization Bayimba, whose aim is to improve arts and culture through cultural exchange and creativity. Thanks to its experience in the East African cultural world, its activities complete those of Zhu Culture. Bayimba guarantees contacts and good relations between English-speaking entrepreneurs and their creative mentors. The association is also very active in the organization of the second Afrique Créative bootcamp, which will take place in Kampala at the end of the year.

Thanks to the commitment and motivation of these organizations, the nine entrepreneurs supported by Afrique Créative can carry out ambitious acceleration projects. Don’t miss any activity of the program, follow Afrique Créative on Facebook and Instagram and subscribe to the newsletter !

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