Afrique Créative – Closing of the 2nd edition in Rabat

From the 16th to the 19th of November 2022, the laureates of the 2nd edition of Afrique Créative met for the last time in Rabat (Morocco) on the fringes of the Visa For Music festival, led by Brahim El Mazned, laureate of the 1st edition of the programme – the circle is complete!

The programme of the closing event was rich and varied: dedicated workshops, conferences, concerts, reception, stands, etc.

The closing event of phase 2 of Afrique Créative had a double objective:

  1. Bringing entrepreneurs together in interactive workshops and exchange moments
  2. To raise interest in the cultural and creative industries

A diverse programme integrated into the Visa For Music festival

Afrique Créative was an integral part of the Visa For Music festival. On this occasion, an Afrique Créative stand was present on the festival market. This stand was an opportunity to promote the programme and the entrepreneurs, who were also able to meet professionals, discuss and pitch their projects.

A round table dedicated to Afrique Créative was also organised under the dome of the Palais Tazi in Rabat on the theme: ” Unleashing investment in CCI in Africa – Diversification of sources and modalities of financing “. On the evening of the round table, Saintrick (Biibop’s creative mentor and musician) dedicated his concert to Afrique Créative.

A reception was also organised at the French residence in honour of the Afrique Créative laureates. This was an opportunity for the laureates to present their offers and products on tables set up at the residence.

On the last day of this closing event, the Afrique Créative laureates were able to visit the city of Rabat. The programme included the Mohammed VI Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, the Hassa district, the Medina of Rabat and a lunch on the roof of a Riyad in the Medina.

Workshops dedicated to entrepreneurs to assess the programme

Two workshops dedicated to Afrique Créative were organised in partnership with Bidaya (SAE partner on the 2nd edition of the programme) in a venue made available by the IF in Rabat:

  • 1st workshop: final diagnosis and trajectories of change
  • 2nd workshop: pitch and perspectives

Some comments from entrepreneurs on the event in Rabat:

“This was so memorable and has left a mark in my life – Through the unforgettable workshops, deep-dives, tours and music exchange with artists that we had.” Andrew Ahuurra, Quad-A

« Des moments incroyables ! Un accueil chaleureux et une parfaite organisation. La dynamique de groupe positive a permis de renforcer les liens. Les équipes locales se sont intéressées de manière individuelle à chacun de nos profils et de nos projets, avec des ateliers intéressants et interactifs. Le choix de Rabat pendant le Visa For Music a permis de faire des rencontres et de renforcer notre réseau. » Awa Girard Diop, Deed Development

Throughout the week, a photo and video team was able to follow the entrepreneurs. Below is the video shot in Rabat which allows us to go back over the genesis of the programme and to get to know the implementation consortium and the laureates. Enjoy the video!

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