Afrique Créative Edition #2 Presentation of the laureates    

The 8 laureates of the second edition of the Afrique Créative program are known! They were selected following the pre-incubation period and their pitch in front of a jury of cultural and institutional actors and investors.  

The 17 shortlisted entrepreneurs who participated in the pre-incubation phase of the second edition of Afrique Créative, each presented their project at the end of September 2021 before a final jury. The jury, composed of cultural and institutional actors and investors, had to select the 8 best projects for the continuation of the program. These were announced at a press conference during the closing event of the first edition of the program in Ouagadougou the week of September 27, 2021.  

By country here are the 8 laureates :   

  • Burkina Faso :   

BiiBop – This Burkinabe company is dedicated to the creation of educational toys for children from 0 to 6 years old and is carried by two entrepreneurs : Rosine Arzoumpoko Kiema and Colombe Cretin. The project leader Rosine Arzoumpoko KIEMA holds a master’s degree in communication and business management that she obtained at IRIMAG in Niamey. 
–> Read Rosine Kiema’s complete presentation

  • Tunisia :   

Morbiket – This Tunis-based digital educational and cultural content creation studio was created by Awatef Mosbeh and Chaker. Awatef is a graduate of the ENAU National School of Architecture and Urbanism of Tunis and is passionate about digital illustration for children.  
–> Read Awatef Mosbeh’s full presentation

Akacia Productions – Founded by Mohamed Ben Saïd, the musical company specializes in booking, organizing shows and structuring festivals, and works on strengthening and promoting the visibility of actors in the musical sector both in Tunisia and in Africa.  
–> Read Mohamed Ben Saïd’s full presentation

  • Senegal :   

Deed Development – This company founded by Awa Diop Girard and Nicolas Diop, has three main activities that focus on : a DEEDO streaming platform, a recording studio and a digital distribution service for musical projects. 
–> Read Awa Diop Girard’s complete presentation

  • Uganda :   

Quad A Records – This Kampala-based company was founded by sound engineer Andrew Ahuurra and provides high-quality audio services. Its main aim is to rebrand  Africa through sound.  
–> Read Andrew Ahuurra’s full presentation

  • Ghana :   

Safi Label – The environmentally sustainable Ghanaian fashion company was founded by Dzifa Anagblah. The company is a cross-cultural collaboration between craftsmen and weavers across Africa, combining fine materials and workmanship with ethical and sustainable practices. 
–> Read Dzifa Anagblah’s full presentation

  • DRC : 

DL Multimedia – This company located in Lubumbashi was created by David Douglas MASAMUNA NTIMASIEMI and wishes to set up an incubation structure “Khub Création”. It would allow to participate in the blossoming of creative industries and professionals using image, sound and digital technologies.  
–> Read David Douglas Masamuna’s full presentation

  • Morocco :   

Palm Grove Software – This company, based in Casablanca, is an independent video game development studio whose founder is Khalil Arafan. The company has mainly operated in the Mobile space since its founding in late 2011.  
–> Read Khalil Arafan’s full presentation

Next steps for the entrepreneurs 

An incubation phase for 6 months :  

  • Participation in a bootcamp focused on entrepreneurial structuring (consolidation of the business model)  
  • Business coaching by local incubators  
  • E-learning training, common to the whole cohort  
  • Individual coaching by creative mentors (renowned professionals in their fields)  
  • Financial support to develop their organization: between 30,000 and 50,000 euros (NB : the equivalent of 1/3 of the total budget of the project must be provided by the entrepreneur in equity during the program)  

A 3-month acceleration phase : 

  • Participation in a bootcamp focused on scaling up and preparing to raise funds  
  • Support by an investor (support in preparing for fundraising)  
  • Continued coaching from creative mentors and e-learning training  

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