The entrepreneur

Ahuurra Andrew is an audio engineer, creative professional, composer, mixer, arranger and producer with extensive Audio project experience from concept to development with over 15 years of experience in the audio service industry. He holds certification; Dolby® Technologies, Film Skills, Berklee college of music and has been nominated for various awards. These include: AMVCA, UFF, PAF, TIFF and ZIFF among others.

His experience:

  • Composing and scoring music for Film, T.V, games, Animations and Documentaries
  • Audio Post Production of the fields mentioned above covering sound design, Foley, ADR and more…
  • Music production
  • Immersive mixing
  • Live and broadcast sound mixing
  • Teaching and Training

The company

Quad-A records is an audio post production facility that delivers a high quality, audio premium services, educates the next generation of audio engineers (Quad-A Academy), innovate, and globally distribute new audio solutions to multiple industries.

The development project 

Following their strategic direction plan, to become the best audio production facility in East and Central Africa by 2025 and in Africa, by 2030 these are the next steps for Quad-A :

  • Training 10 professional audio engineers each year beginning with 2021 to create employment opportunities and efficiency in the company.
  • Acquire venture capital that will facilitate setting up the infrastructure in Uganda and Kenya to accommodate the growing demand for high-quality audio productions by the end of 2023.
  • Expanding the company’s network and creating new partnerships with content creators, distributors and other audio academic institutions.

More info and contact

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