The entrepreneur

Awatef Mosbeh graduated from ENAU, the National School of Architecture and Urbanism in Tunis, and is passionate about digital illustration for children. With Chaker, Awatef founded Morbiket, a company producing cartoons, books and mobile games. Their backgrounds and skills are complementary. Chaker and Awatef gained the trust of several clients: governments, international organizations, publishing houses, educational institutions.

Rewarded by several awards for their commitment, the Morbiket team designs educational mobile applications associated with school, civic and cultural storybooks using augmented reality technology. These Edtech products are a real challenge to make today’s children the future responsible citizens of tomorrow.

In September 2016, the first Toufoula kids project was born (Edtech). It offers a platform on mobile broadcasting fun content for children aged 4 to 12 with a paper smart-magazine connected through games using augmented reality technology.

The company

Morbiket‘s products address the need for balanced learning for a new connected generation, providing hybrid solutions that mix digital content with paper.

The company addresses the problem of children’s over-exposure to screens, reducing the time spent on manual learning activities that are necessary for their development.

Morbiket is a digital educational and cultural content creation studio targeting children on a variety of media, books, animated videos and mobile games using augmented reality technology.

The Mission

To offer immersive entertainment solutions with diversified, personalized and well-oriented content.

The Vision

To be the leader in immersive entertainment content publishing in the Middle East market.

The development project

Expansion of EdTech & Cultural products in new mature markets through France to the Emirates and Bahrain markets, as well as support on the internal strategy of product development and the production value chain.

More information and contacts

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