Combine Business Development and a positive Environmental Impact

Their eco-friendly creative process

Regarding Langages du Sud, it’s important to notice that its books are edited on papers sourced from sustainable forests. Furthermore, following FEZAH’s example, they are working on adding digital to their services and good’s offer. Crossroads is proud to welcome its employees in recycled materials and low energy consumption offices.

Sébastien Bazemo, while promoting the “Made in Faso”, will collaborate on its new clothing collection with a group of women weavers who works with 100% organic cotton. Furthermore, they do ensure that their dyes’s wastewaters are well recovered and treated. Thus, its new collection will demonstrate the compatibility between luxury and respecting the environment.

As for Daudi Karungi, he dedicated his first artists residency SPAIR to recycled materials. At the end of September, the final exhibition will allow benefactors and other art lovers to be aware of the greatness of all materials when they are worked with a creative intention.

Kaala confirms that it is possible to combine fighting against deforestation and woodworking activities. The company’s impact is, over one quarter, 40 trees recovered, a solar energy running workshop and 45 seedlings sold or donated to the Fada’s area reforestation cause, at the East side of Burkina Faso.

It all starts with a walk…

“The final artwork quality is just as important to us as the way to get there.”

Kaala’s philosophy considers nature more as a cooperative place than a consumption one. On a regular basis, Soumaila goes to the forest looking for dry trees to bring them back to his workshop. With his team, he works to provide them with a second life while respecting the asperities left by the first. At the end of this meticulous work, he will make sure that these trees, past life witnesses, find offsprings in his trees’ nursery. His mission: sublimate the life of yesteryear and act for the renewal of another.

By implementing eco-friendly production methods, “Afrique Créative”program’s entrepreneurs set an example and promote change around them.

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