The entrepreneur

David Douglas MASAMUNA NTIMASIEMI was born in Lubumbashi, DRC, where he lives and works. He holds a degree in economic sciences and has also followed targeted courses in the field of image, sound, multimedia and cinema. In particular, he benefited from a training at the Royal Summer Academy in image and sound techniques in Belgium, an internship in documentary cinema at the Fémis in France, a training in scriptwriting organized by the Cifap in Kinshasa as well as an audiovisual internship in the Franco-Haitian structure Collectif 2004 Images in France. His professional experience spans different fields: from visual communication, film production to communication consulting, training and coaching. To date, he has directed or co-directed numerous films, as well as provided various services in the organization of training and production supervision.

The company

Khub Creation, incubator and laboratory of experimentation of CCI, was created to boost the quality of the services of the actors evolving in the field of the audiovisual, the digital arts and the creation of cultural products by the medium of the image, the sound and the multimedia. By aligning itself with the missions of DL Multimedia, Khub Création accelerates the achievement of objectives in the field of audiovisual research and production and participates in the blossoming of creative industries and professionals using image, sound and digital technologies.

The development project

Dl Multimedia is supported in the setting up of the incubator Khub Creation.


  • Official setting up of Khub Création in 2022 with more than 150 trained people.
  • To contribute to the development of ICC projects in the Upper Katanga region with the support of 24 projects by 2024 and to contribute to the reduction of the unemployment rate in the field of ICC by 3%.
  • To make 1000 young people rediscover the cultural sector and boost their creativity with the organization of 3 cultural and creative events a year.

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