The entrepreneur

Dzifa Anagblah has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Ashesi University. She is very passionate about design thinking, social impact and technology. She is a strategic, self-motivated leader and team player, passionate about improving the lives of others through design and innovation. Growing up in a community of batik makers and weavers, she was always thinking of ways to build the capacity of small business owners in Africa. The intricate process involved in their product development process inspired her to create a channel that enables them to market themselves in the local and international markets. Working on tech-based projects for not-for-profit organizations further challenged and inspired her to utilize technology in her venture to promote economic inclusivity for many African artisans.

The company

Safi Label is a social impact driven company utilising mobile innovation to connect skilled African artisans whose products have a social or environmental impact to the global marketplace. Safi Label is a cross-cultural collaboration between craftsmen and weavers across Africa, combining fine materials and workmanship with ethical and sustainable practices. There are many skilled African artisans with the capability to make products with international appeal however, reaching those markets is mostly impossible for them. Safi Label bridges the gap by connecting skilled artisans with the global marketplace by leveraging the use of mobile technology while paying decent wages.

The development project 

Through Afrique Créative, Dzifa hopes to get the support to scale Safi Label across multiple African countries. They are currently in the process of setting their web to mobile platform that enables artisans to connect to the global marketplace. This will help provide financial security and sustainable growth for many artisans. They are also employing field officers who will seek new artisans and conduct quality control checks and manage delivery.

They strongly believe in the power of storytelling, and they aim to share the stories of artisans and shine the light on the moving stories and potentials of many African artisans and artisan communities. They want to create a welcoming space that sparks innovative and meaningful conversations about building Africa and supporting the makers. Through Afrique Créative, they are also setting up an experience centre for customers to experience the design and manufacture of artisan-made products and learn about craftsmanship and sustainability.

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