Entrepreneurs Dedicated to their Cultural Heritage

Transmit a legacy to future generations

Langages du Sud and Crossroads Digital Multimedia promote Morocco’s and Uganda’s rich historical, artistic, and socio-cultural heritage in order to pass it on to new generations. To that aim they make use of an innovative didactic format: the animated series.

  • Langages du Sud will launch the Lina and Adam TV-show, inspired by its children’s book collection.
  • Crossroads is producing the dynamic Mukago TV-show.

Create new opportunities for the music industry professionals

ANYA and FEZAH share a mission to promote and provide opportunities for music industry players in Morocco, Uganda, and Africa in general. Both companies however use different tools to achieve their goals.

  • ANYA provides advice to artists, organizes large-scale events, and publishes anthologies.
  • FEZAH provides artists with a digital monitoring and booking service.

Enhance Burkina Faso’s cultural capital

The two Burkinabè structures, Sébastien Bazemo and Kaala, have at the very core of their project the promotion, through quality production, of Burkinabè raw materials. Their aim is to transcend, at a national as international scale, all preconceptions.

  • The koko dunda, for example, which was once considered the poor man’s clothing, has become a piece of art in Sébastien Bazemo‘s hands.
  • The dried wood from the Fada Ngourma forests is now carefully transformed by Kaala into design objects and furniture.

To act as catalysts of creativity for youth

Optimistic Produktions and Afriart Gallery have proven to be catalysts for artistic creations.

  • The first company offers the opportunity for youth involved in urban cultures to have a space for creation, recording and training.
  • The second opens its doors to young visual artists and provides them with a space suitable for creation.

Overall, to be active agents of change and providers of opportunities.

  • Karoninka strives to make the audiovisual world a loudspeaker for the women’s cause, whether through the subjects she deals with in her films or through technical training programs dedicated to Casamance’s young women.
  • Optimistic Produktions trains and gives a voice to youth from African urban cultures.
  • Anya and Fezah look for innovative ways to stabilize and renew the music sector to ensure its continuity in their respective countries.
  • Crossroads, through entertainment, helps new talents emerge among women and deaf people.

All are committed to renewing the cultural sector. All are committed to providing opportunity and stability for those who make a living out of it. Finally, all get off the beaten track to reinvent the future.

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