Entrepreneurs facing their new challenges

Going international

The two Burkina Faso entrepreneurs are facing a great challenge. Their e-shop is up and running and their new collections are now ready. Kaala and Sébastien Bazemo are only one click away from the international success that their products and know-how deserve. In a few months, the challenge they committed themselves to will be fulfilled!

Take advantage of their diversification strategy

Throughout 2020, Anya and Optimiste Produktions dedicated themselves to diversify their products and services.
Their objectives:
Gain visibility,
Secure a constant activity throughout the year,
Promote the cultural sector of their country.

Thus, their challenge for this year 2021 will be to make all their new investments cost-effective and to establish themselves as leaders in their respective sectors.

Maintain development and growth

The production company Karoninka took advantage of 2020, to get back to basics: its internal structuring and its projects. The company is now armed with a steady new team, full of new ideas and projects. From now on, all that’s left to do is to make its scenarios a reality, so that the impatient public can enjoy them.

As for Afriart Gallery the challenge lays in proving to the world its artist residency concept efficiency. Daudi Karungi and his team’s work does not stop at the borders of Uganda, together they dream about Paris, London and New York! Their sole mission: making this world “a world where African artists are global art icons. “

Get their innovative products to market

Regarding Langages du Sud, Crossroads and Fezah‘s challenges, 2021 is all about getting their innovative products to market! It will be the year where their companies will become references within the 3D animation and entertainment sector.

This year for the entrepreneurs will be filled with hope and success ! 

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