Entrepreneurs Involved in Promoting Moroccan Culture


Langages du Sud


Day by day, the publishing house Langages du Sud is implementing the project to adapt its youth collection [brun clair]Lina et Adam[/brun clair] into an animated series for children. To do so, the company has boosted its [brun clair]human resources[/brun clair] and adapted its [brun clair]working environment[/brun clair]. Thus, [brun clair]five episodes[/brun clair] relating the adventures of the two children will soon be released. Giving a great deal of importance to education, the manager, [Patricia De Fever, and her team intend to promote, throughout the series, [brun clair]gender equalitiy[/brun clair] and to deal with various current themes, such as [brun clair]citizenship[/brun clair] and the fight against [brun clair]energy waste[/brun clair].


brun clair]Anya[/brun clair] is working on two major projects related to its ambition to enable Moroccan, African and Middle Eastern artists and cultural operators to [brun clair]make a living from the music industry.[/brun clair]. [Brahim El Mazned‘s team has therefore started the organization of the [brun clair]2020 edition[/brun clair] of Visa For Music. This edition will be special as it will be linked to the selection of Rabat as the [brun clair]African capital of culture[/brun clair]. The[brun clair]call for artists applications[/brun clair] has also been launched. In addition, the company is moving forward with its [brun clair]Rwayes anthology [/brun clair] project for which it is finalizing the recording of the [brun clair]titles,[/brun clair] proofreading the [brun clair]texts[/brun clair] and preparing the [brun clair]box set[/brun clair].

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