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Facing the coronavirus, only one motto: Stay optimistic!


1) Reorganise and prepare to start up again as soon as the crisis is over


  • At Kalanexpo, while cabinetmaker [Soumaïla Kanla keeps on producing in the bush, Marie Kanla is developing a [mauve fonce]e-commerce website[/mauve fonce] to promote design creations around the world.
  • Fatoumata et Safouane Pindra from Optimiste Produktions have also created a [mauve fonce]website [/mauve fonce] to improve the company’s [mauve fonce] communication [/mauve fonce] and to promote its [mauve fonce]activities[/mauve fonce], such as equipment rental and stage management for example.
  • Angèle Diabang, Karoninka‘s founder, is taking advantage of this break to move forward with the writing of a [mauve fonce] new series[/mauve fonce] and with the development of the [mauve fonce]Institut Mousso project[/mauve fonce], which will learn audiovisual skills to Casamance’s young women.
  • Brahim El Mazned intends to rethink Anya”s [mauve fonce]Business Model[/mauve fonce] and to move forward on his project of a [mauve fonce]Rwayes anthology[/mauve fonce] to promote Moroccan musical heritage.


2) Innovate, do business in a new way


  • Within Fezah, [Elijah Kitaka has adapted his offer for musicians, whose income is currently decreasing, by easing [mauve fonce]payment terms[/mauve fonce]. This allows him to ensure an increase in registrations on his [mauve fonce]Airplay Monitoring app[/mauve fonce].
  • Daudi Karungi is offering [mauve fonce]virtual tours[/mauve fonce] of Afriart Gallery on social networks on social networks so that everyone can continue to enjoy the artworks exhibited there. He also shares in these videos the [mauve fonce]inspiring messages[/mauve fonce] of artists represented in the gallery.


3) Get involved in your community and raising awareness


  • Patricia Defever has chosen to record the stories offered by the publishing house Langages du Sud in [mauve fonce]audio format[/mauve fonce]and make them available to the public. She has also launched an [mauve fonce]artistic expression contest /mauve fonce] for children on prevention against covid-19.
  • Crossroads Digital Multimédia and its director, [David Masanso, is organizing free online [mauve fonce]animation courses[/mauve fonce]. In addition, the company has launched a contest in which children can give their voices to the Mukago characters in order to broadcast [mauve fonce]public service announcements[/mauve fonce] related to covid-19.
  • Fashion designer Sébastien Bazemo, better known as Bazem’Se, made [mauve fonce]500 masks[/mauve fonce] for the Ministry of Commerce of Burkina Faso. Very famous in the country, he recorded a [mauve fonce] video to sensitize[/mauve fonce] Burkinabè to the fight against the virus.

It is therefore obvious that the [mauve fonce]creatives industries[/mauve fonce] remain at the centre of concerns and that they will be a great support during this crisis. The [mauve fonce]support[/mauve fonce] of these entrepreneurs in their initiatives is part of the Afrique Créative programme.

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