In Senegal, entrepreneurs aim to create jobs for youths

[brun]Optimiste Produktions[/brun]

Fatoumata and Safouane Pindra, head of Optimiste Produktions, have initiated and completed [orange fonce]work[/orange fonce] to expand their premises in Rufisque: the [orange fonce]Pôle Yakaar[/orange fonce]. This new space now includes a recording studio, rehearsal rooms, a polyvalent room and a dedicated space to screen printing. The extension makes it possible to welcome more [orange fonce]young people[/orange fonce], especially during training sessions. In addition, Optimiste Produktions is launching its [orange fonce]new website[/orange fonce] in order to better [orange fonce]communicate[/orange fonce] on its services, namely a complete solution for the organization of events in the musical field: programming, control room, equipment rental but also printing of t-shirts or caps for example. Afrique Créative supports this diversification of commercial activities, making it possible to finance more social activities.


The movie production company, Karoninka, has acquired [orange fonce]filming equipment[/orange fonce] that can be rented to Senegalese or foreign crews. This equipment allows them to be more [orange fonce]autonomous[/orange fonce]. The company intends to diversify its activities by starting to produce [orange fonce]documentary and fictional series[/orange fonce]. In addition, [Angèle Diabang, Karoninka’s founder, is laying the foundations for the [orange fonce]Institut Mousso[/orange fonce] project, which is particularly important to her. The pilot phase aims to train [orange fonce]six young women[/orange fonce] from Casamance in [orange fonce]audiovisual[/orange fonce] professions, and should take place by the end of the year. Afrique Créative supports the structure in stabilizing its economic model in order to further amplify its social impact.

Determined to start their activities again as soon as possible, these entrepreneurs, who are working to ensure that [orange fonce]young artists can live from their passion[/orange fonce], are to be followed closely!

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