Progress of the laureates after the first quarter of incubation

In the incubation phase since November, the laureates have progressed in their respective activities.

Coached by local incubators and trained through e-learning sessions, the entrepreneurs take promising directions for the future of the programme.  

Community playgrounds with Yam Solidarity

Rosine Arzoumpoko Kiema and Colombe Cretin, who run the company Biibop, have carried out a number of activities to focus on the development of children through educational toys. In this regard, an agreement was signed with the Samenti association to test BiiBop toys in schools where children with disabilities and autism are present. BiiBop obtained a contract with PED in the framework of a partnership with YAM Solidarité to develop community outdoor playgrounds. A new game “S’quisse“, ready and launched, was designed in collaboration with Romain Lejeune. BiiBop also had the opportunity to be selected by the French NGO ASMAE, to become the exclusive reseller of Burkina Faso’s picture book within the private sector. In addition, BiiBop has initiated and completed the fitting out of its showroom, which allows for the organisation of storage space, tidying and sorting of toys, as well as the reception of customers. In addition, the teams have been strengthened by the recruitment of a full-time Sales Representative and an Administrative and Logistics Assistant, to reinforce the company’s creative capacities. 

Even with a very ambitious programme at the beginning, BiiBop has managed to be further ahead than expected. Despite the known health and security issues in Burkina Faso, the company is not giving up and remains highly motivated to develop its activities! 


Mohamed Ben Said at the national seminar for the development of cultural events

With a perspective of developing synergies between festivals and institutional leaders, Mohamed Ben Said of the company Akacia Productions has implemented his pilot project for the Dougga Festival, scheduled for next June. In fact, two days of national seminars were held in Dougga for the development of cultural events. In parallel, two album releases are scheduled in March for the groups “Gultrah Sound System” and “Yüma“. Also, a visit to the Czech Republic is planned, in partnership with Color of Ostrava, to the Czech Music Crossroads festival, with the aim of an exchange of skills. 

Akacia Productions is multiplying its contacts and collaborations. This represents a necessary amplification of the capacity building of the cultural sector in Tunisia !  


Awatef Mosbeh at Lab’ess

Awatef Mosbeh of the company Morbiket has mainly focused its activities on the diversification of digital product content and market prospection. 100% focused on product development, the company has developed a partnership with ISAMM (Institut des Arts Multimédia de la Manouba) in order to train young students. At the end of their university career, some of them could be hired by Morbiket. In order to pursue its market prospection objective, new partnerships have been established between Morbiket and, among others, Descartes, Insadder or the Centre des Monuments Nationaux. Two important market surveys were conducted at the Dubai 2020 exhibition and in France with Descartes and the archaeological site of Glanum to test an application.  

The many new partnerships concluded will certainly allow Morbiket to respond effectively to the need for balanced learning for a new connected generation ! 


Master Class: Music and digital distribution with Nix

To support her capacity for action, Awa Diop Girard of Deedo has reinforced her teams by recruiting a Community Manager and a Business Developer. Several music projects have been released via Deedo Records, including those of Taal Bi and Mist Cash. In collaboration with Ableton and Electrafrique, training in electro music production was offered. Finally, the “Dial Tone” project was finalised with Free to allow users to set a Deedo artist as a ringtone. 

Among all the achievements, one of the ones Deedo is most proud of is the integration of the Wolof language as a language choice on the Deedo Distribution application !  


Launch of the Quad-A Academy and its 10 students

Quad-A Records, led by Andrew Ahuurra, has been given the opportunity to move to a larger, more suitable space. The company has enhanced its infrastructure through the acquisition of technical equipment to launch the Quad-A Academy. This project has enabled 10 students to join the academy whose ambition is to train the next generation of sound engineers ! 


Results of the experimentation centre

Dzifa Anagblah of the Safi Label company has set up an experimentation centre dedicated to do-it-yourself batik making. A lot of experimentation has been done there with the aim of achieving sustainability goals. In particular, a great deal of thought was given to the way in which waste can be disposed of. Also with the environment in mind, the company decided to join the Green Butterfly Market, a craft market where artisans who make their own local products come together to sell art, handicrafts, clothing, jewellery, food, hair care, etc.  

Across Ghana, Safi Label went exploring, looking for various crafts whose products have social and environmental concerns ! 


Construction of the Khub Creation

David Douglas Masamuna Ntimasiemi of the company Dl Multimédia has focused his activity on the establishment of the incubation project Khub Création. The aim of this new laboratory is to accelerate the quality of the services provided by players in the audiovisual, digital arts and cultural product creation fields through the medium of image, sound and multimedia. The infrastructure work has started in Lumumbashi and should be completed in the coming weeks.  

While waiting for the end of the construction work, Dl Multimedia is actively working on the creation of its incubation programme and the selection of future instructors ! 


Khalil Arafan presents his video game “Birdspotting

With the acquisition of a new PC and software, Palm Grove Software entrepreneur Khalil Arafan has deployed his skills in software development, design and production of his non-violent video game “Birdspotting”. These new acquisitions continue Palm Grove Software’s development plans to produce “Birdspotting” on a first platform. 

This is good news for the independent game development studio, which has finally been able to obtain its own official domain name under the name


The next steps : Bootcamp and Acceleration Phase  

The second Afrique Créative bootcamp will soon take place in Tunis (week of 28 March 2022). The programme will be developed and implemented by I&P Conseil, a member of the consortium, and will be dedicated to fundraising preparation and ESG and Impact topics.

This bootcamp will represent the transitional stage between the incubation phase and the acceleration phase. During this new phase, companies will be supported by a finance expert from the I&P Group, continue to be coached by their creative mentors and trained through group and online sessions.

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