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Since last December, Afrique Créative organized [bleu violet]16 training modules[/bleu violet] via an[bleu violet] online platform[/bleu violet] and [bleu violet]videoconferencing[/bleu violet] software. The social performance, the brand DNA, the governance, the business plan or digital marketing, these are topics that were discussed based on the needs expressed by the entrepreneurs.

According to the incubees, these sessions were useful on many levels:

  • New concepts were discovered and others, already known, could be reconsidered: according to Angèle Diabang from [bleu violet]Karoninka[/bleu violet], [bleu ciel]“it is always useful to hear other people’s points of view on a given topic, the repetition is educational”[/bleu ciel].
  • several companies, [bleu violet]Crossroads[/bleu violet] or [bleu violet]Afriart Gallery[/bleu violet] among others, , share the tools presented during the online courses with their teams.
  • The discussions allowed to talk about each company’s case. [bleu ciel]“The sessions were an opportunity to ask us questions about our company and especially to listen to the group whose experiences are very valuable” [/bleu ciel] says Patricia Defever ([bleu violet]Langages du Sud[/bleu violet]).
  • Some teams, such as [bleu violet]Bazem’se[/bleu violet]’s team, continued the discussions with the speakers beyond the videoconference sessions in order to improve the management of their company. Anne-Cécile Bazemo points out that [bleu ciel]“being allowed to contact speakers individually is a great opportunity. Not being from the entrepreneurial world, it helped me to understand a lot of things. It gave us keys for a better analysis: for instance, I was able to question the community management offer although it is not my sphere of expertise”.[/bleu ciel].

A lot of the elements covered by the e-learning activities could be put into practice. For instance, following the marketing and communication training, [bleu violet]Kalanexpo [/bleu violet] and [bleu violet]Optimiste Produktions[/bleu violet] created a website. Meanwhile, Eijah Kitaka took advantage of a module dedicated to the pitch deck to reconsider how to present his company, [bleu violet]Fezah[/bleu violet]. Finally, Anya ‘s members took the time to quantify the importance of their impact on the music industry in Morocco and, generally speaking, in Africa. Keltouma Bakrimi, a member of Anya’s team, attests: [bleu ciel]“The session on impact was particularly interesting because we had never measured our impact in this way”[/bleu ciel].

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