The creative mentors guide the incubees to new horizons

Several companies listen to their creative mentor’s advices to diversify their activities. This is the case of Optimist Produktions->] and its founders, [Safouane and Fatoumata Pindra, who are coached by mauve fonce]Christian Begbessou[/mauve fonce], cultural engineer, in the conception of the YAKAAR+ project. [Brahim El Mazned (Anya), meanwhile, thinks about new projects with [mauve fonce]Patrick De Groote[/mauve fonce], artistic director of Sfinks Mixed and Zomer van Antwerpen festivals. He expresses his interest for such a collaboration: [turquoise]“Reinventing Anya’s functioning and objectives leads us to reconsider our conception of culture and how it can fit into tomorrow’s world”.[/turquoise]

Diversifying ones activities is also Patricia Defever‘s goal (Langages du Sud). With [mauve fonce]Franciane Abassan[/mauve fonce], producer and head of acquisition & sales for Qwest Media, they are producing the animated series for children, Lina and Adam.

[turquoise]“Each action makes the production in Africa grow and by mentoring this studio, it is a way to take part of the African emergence”[/turquoise]
[/ – Franciane Abassan, creative mentor of Langages du Sud/]

Another aspect of the creative mentorship is the business positionning on the market. mauve fonce]Faisal Kiwewa[/mauve fonce], executive director of the Bayimba foundation, is discussing the market trends, opportunities and prospects with Fezah’s director, [Elijah Kitaka. Sébastien Bazemo is consolidating the Bazem’se’s brand DNA with the fashion mentor from Fashion FXF, [mauve fonce]Bako Rambinintsoa[/mauve fonce]. According to her, [turquoise]“the team has done an amazing work to clarify its approach and put in place all suggested action plans”. [/turquoise]

Daudi Karungi’s mentor, [mauve fonce]Jennifer Mpyisi[/mauve fonce], is part of Afriart Gallery. She accompanies the director in redefining his development strategy, in his artistic choices as well as his team building, in order to scale up.

Other incubees are carrying out specific projects with their creative mentors. Soumaïla and Marie Kanla, Kalanexpo->]’s founders, are working with the designer [mauve fonce]Cheick Diallo [/mauve fonce] on the conception and the design of their products. [Angèle Diabang (Karoninka) is teaming up with the film director, [mauve fonce]Luis Marquès[/mauve fonce], to work on the script of new series that she wants to produce as well as on the feature film “Une si Longue Lettre”.

[turquoise]“I’d be so glad to be able to help her realize her dream”[/turquoise]
[/ – Luis Marquès, creative mentor of Karoninka./]

Finally, the Promethean AI’s founder, mauve fonce]Andrew Maximov[/mauve fonce], is invloved in many activities with [David Masanso (Crossroads Digital Multimedia). Among these, they have organized in Kampala an intensive bootcamp on informatic art last February.

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