Awa Diop GIRARD et Nicolas DIOP

The entrepreneurs

Awa Diop GIRARD is the founder and CEO of the company. She is in charge of business development, product enrichment, marketing and technology. She ensures the evolution of the company and has a powerful, unique and simple vision, that of strengthening the value of African cultural diversity. Around her, is a team of talented and competent people who invest themselves daily to achieve the common goals.

Nicolas Diop, aka Nix, and childhood friend of Awa, is a Senegalese rapper born in Dakar. His solo career began in 2003, when he released his first solo album “Black Crystal”, which opened the doors to all of French-speaking West Africa.

Since then, Nix has crossed the eras of Senegalese and African hip hop and has to his credit 8 musical projects, received 14 nominations including 6 awards in Senegal. He has also collaborated with renowned artists such as Disiz, Oxmo Puccino, Wyclef, Jerry Wonder, Daara J Family…

In addition to his career as an artist, Nix is now co-founder of the music streaming platform Deedo, the recording studio Deedo Dakar Studio, the distribution service Deedo Distribution and the label Deedo Records.

The company

The company DEED Development has 4 main activities:

  • “DEEDO” : Pan-African music streaming platform;
  • “DEEDO DAKAR STUDIO”: Recording studio in Dakar;
  • “DEEDOD DISTRIBUTION”: Digital distribution service of music projects, allowing artists to put their works online on all streaming platforms.
  • “DEEDO RECORDS” : Production and artist management label

The development project

The development project presented by the company DEED Development concerns the DEEDO application but also the distribution and production activities of DEED Development which represent today the majority of the company’s income and which allow it to diversify its sources of income.

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