The call, in the blink of an eye

Twelve countries

Objective of the Afrique Créative program

Support the emergence of cultural and creative industries (CCI), which create jobs, generate growth and bring change.

Identify a pool of entrepreneurs who can join the Afrique Créative acceleration program

Target audience : Cultural and creative businesses 

Target countries : South Africa, Benin, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Republic of Guinea (Conakry), Kenya, Morocco, Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Senegal and Tunisia . 

Number of entrepreneurs selected for the pre-incubation phase : at least two per country.

L’appel à candidatures s’est terminé le 15 novembre 2023.

Selection process

The selection of candidates will take place as follows:

Eligibility and selection criteria

To be eligible, candidates must meet the following conditions:

Find the program presentation videos in French and English on the page Facebook Afrique Créative.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions answers

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Why should I apply to Afrique Créative?

Afrique Créative is an acceleration program aimed at companies in the African cultural and creative industries. The program offers access to funding in the form of a grant between €30,000 and €60,000 as well as business and creative support for the implementation of an acceleration project. 

The objective is to strengthen the capacities of entrepreneurs, support them in their scaling up and prepare them for future fundraising. 

Yes, the program is completely free.

Yes. Costs related to Afrique Créative will be covered for the duration of the program. This includes participation in at least one boot camp face-to-face (travel, accommodation, etc.) 

Yes, the eligibility criterion concerns the country where the structure is established and not the nationality of the project leader.

A scaling-up organization has already passed the start-up phase and is looking to scale up quickly to reach its full potential. The structure already has a proven business model and a solid customer base, and is experiencing rapid and sustained growth for several consecutive years. 

L’équivalent d’1/3 du budget doit être apporté par l’entrepreneur en fonds propres au cours du programme. Cet apport en fonds propres peut se faire à travers le financement de ressources humaines, du loyer, de supports de communication, etc. Par exemple pour un projet d’accélération budgété à 70.000 euros, Afrique Créative peut apporter un maximum de 46.700 euros et l’entrepreneur devra participer à hauteur de 23.300 euros. Vous pouvez valoriser une partie des salaires et loyers selon ce que votre projet comprend comme activités.

No, the personal contribution cannot already be invested at the time of application. It must be part of the acceleration project developed during the duration of the program.

Unfortunately no. The call is intended for companies and individual applications are not eligible. This status does not a priori make it possible to recruit other people or achieve significant turnover. However, Afrique Créative aims to accelerate the growth of incubated companies in order to have a socio-economic impact including in particular the creation of value and jobs.

Yes it's possible. However, it will be necessary to identify at least 1 reference person.

In the context of this call for applications, “a cultural or creative enterprise” is:

Unfortunately no. The program is aimed at businesses that have been legally registered for at least two years.

Candidate structures must be companies, that is to say structures which generate their own income through the sale of products and/or services and are not structurally dependent on external subsidies. Many entrepreneurial structures with a social purpose begin by adopting an associative legal status before creating a legal entity such as an SARL or SA for example. We therefore give the opportunity to structures aiming to become real companies to apply even if their legal form is currently an associative form.

According to this criterion, an association presenting an economic model and aiming to become a commercial enterprise can therefore be eligible.

The selection criteria which will make it possible to evaluate the applications clearly state:

  • Organizational maturity and management capabilities
  • Potential of the business model

Applicants will therefore have to demonstrate their ability to generate their own income and not structurally rely on public funds/subsidies.

The objective of Afrique Créative is the acceleration of entrepreneurial structures active in the cultural and creative field; which have significant potential in terms of income generation, job creation and which demonstrate a desire and capacity to move to another scale. 

The structure must have 2 years of legal existence but there is no minimum level of turnover or customers. The structure must show evolution.  

Evaluation criteria include: 

 Organizational maturity and management capabilities  

 Potential of the business model  

Candidates will therefore have to demonstrate that they are already active in their field, have acquired a certain experience and have the ambition to further develop their activities as well as their ability to generate their own income and not to rely structurally on public funds / subsidies. These criteria are detailed in the “Call 2023” tab. 

Preincubation, incubation and acceleration are the three phases that make up the program. 

The pre-incubation phase lasts three months and involves 30 entrepreneurs. The company is supported by a local SAE to rework its acceleration project and the associated budget, and to prepare to pitch in front of a jury. 

The incubation phase lasts twelve months and is aimed at companies selected at the end of the first phase. The company is supported by a local SAE and a creative mentor who help and support it in the implementation of its acceleration project. 

All the details can be found on the site. 

Yes. Grant disbursements are conditional on attendance at bootcamps and online courses.

The rating grids for applications will be based on the following criteria:

  • Positioning and contribution to the cultural and creative sector
  • Social and environmental impact and contribution to sustainable development goals
  • Organizational maturity and management capabilities
  • Potential of the economic model and scaling strategy
  • Usefulness of the Creative Africa program and development potential

Impact in the program is considered in its broad sense of taking into account environmental, social and governance issues, both with customers, suppliers and employees: products or services having an environmental impact, job creation, etc.

Results for candidates pre-selected will be announced END January 2024. 

Ideally, audited accounts. In the absence of audited accounts, a document (excel or pdf) presenting the current financial situation of the company: how much money the company generates and spends, what the company owns and how much it owes.

You can either:

  • Insert a zipped file with the different files (max 10MB) 
  • Group all documents into a single file (word, pdf, powerpoint)

If you encounter a significant technical problem, please notify us well in advance to find a solution.

Le budget maximal de la subvention est de 60 000 EUR, ce qui signifie que le budget global du projet peut atteindre jusqu’à 90 000 EUR. Les participants sont tenus de contribuer pour 1/3 de ce budget, ce qui équivaut à 30 000 EUR. De plus, sur les 60 000 EUR de la subvention, 10 000 EUR sont alloués au soutien de l’incubateur local pour aider le projet.

La lettre d’engagement est un document d’une page dans lequel vous vous engagez, si votre projet est sélectionné, à participer à toutes les activités de ce programme. Le modèle de la lettre d’engagement est disponible on our website Internet dans the list of the annexes. You must download it and attach it to your application.

The “evolution of my structure” document is a table to fill in regarding the evolution of your business. The template is available on our website Internet in the list of annexes. You must download it and attach it to your application. 

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