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Privacy policy

Africalia – Afrique Créative programme
Privacy policy

published on June 8th 2019

The Afrique Créative programme, financed by the French Development Agency (AFD), is implemented by Africalia.

Africalia respects your privacy and makes every effort to comply with the regulations on the protection of personal data, i.e. the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 (which entered into force on 25 May 2018) or ‘GDPR’.

In our privacy policy, we explain how Africalia processes and uses your personal data.
By using our site or subscribing to our newsletter, you give your full and unreserved consent to our privacy policy.

1. The data controller

Africalia is the data controller.

Africalia – Mr Frédéric Jacquemin (Director) Rue du Congrès 13 Congrestraat 1000 Brussels Email: africalia@africalia.be

The data controller ensures the accuracy and relevance of the personal data that are collected and processed. In addition, it ensures that the data comply with the applicable regulations and this privacy policy.

2. Information collected via our website and what it is used for
The Afrique Créative website uses the free software SPIP as its content management system. When you log in to our website, we automatically receive and record information from your computer and browser, such as your IP address, the date and time that you accessed the site, location data (country and city), pages viewed, connection method used (computer, smartphone, etc.), search engine and keywords used when you arrived on the site, etc. This information is retained in order to create statistics and improve the site. However, no data from which you can be identified are collected.

3. Information collected via our newsletters and what it is used for
Newsletters and invitations are sent out because you have given your explicit consent to receiving them.
If you subscribe to our newsletter, the following information is collected and must be provided:

  • Email;
  • Surname;
  • First name;
  • Country;
  • Language;
  • Gender.

When you subscribe, your data are entered into our database. We use these data to send you our newsletters and invitations to events. In addition to the mandatory fields, you may provide us with additional information on a voluntary basis, such as information about the sector in which you work, your areas of interest, etc. This information is as follows:

  • Registration date;
  • Date of birth;
  • Continent;
  • City;
  • Street address;
  • Post code;
  • Organisation;
  • Email 2;
  • Position;
  • Telephone (home / office / mobile);
  • Website;
  • Interests (artistic disciplines / geographical);
  • Your link with Africalia.

This information is kept securely at Mailchimp, the company which we use for our mailing system and which meets the requirements of GDPR.

In the context of privacy protection, you may at any time access the information which concerns you, modify this information (if you notice that your data are inaccurate or you wish to add extra information) and/or delete them from our database (the ‘right to be forgotten’, unless this information is necessary for the execution of a contract or compliance with a legal obligation).

You may exercise these rights yourself using the links at the bottom of the mailings we send (‘Change your details’ or ‘Unsubscribe from the newsletter’).

You also have the following rights:

  • The right to request limitation or to end the processing of your data;
  • The right to the portability of your data (i.e. the right to request a copy of your personal data);
  • The right of objection (i.e. the right to object to the processing of your data if such processing is used for commercial prospecting purposes or if this processing takes place without your consent and is not carried out on some other basis, such as in order to execute a contract or to comply with a legal obligation);
  • The right of complaint (if you think that your data has been the subject of unlawful processing on our part, you have the right to make a complaint to the data protection authority (Commission de la protection de la vie privée)).
  • The right of withdrawal of consent (you have the right to withdraw previously given consent at any time).

To exercise these rights, send an email to: africalia@africalia.be. We will respond to your request as soon as possible and within 30 days of receipt at the latest. Mailings that we send out are kept in Mailchimp. A report on each mailing sent allows us to see if the emails have been opened and the links used. We use this information to see if our newsletters are found to be of interest and which news items are the most popular.

The newsletter is subscribed to via the website. However, we also process subscription requests manually if:

  • you explicitly make a written or oral request to be added to our mailing list (for example, when you attend one of our events),
  • business cards have been exchanged.

In these cases, we fill in the fields based on the information provided by you.

4. People with access to your personal data
Your data are accessible only by Africalia and AFD, the donor of the Afrique Créative programme. Only Africalia and AFD staff members and board of directors are authorised to view personal data when they need them for their tasks and roles. We do not pass on your data to third parties and we do not use them for marketing purposes. Our database is and will remain confidential. In certain cases, we judge that we may process your data to the extent that this is in your legitimate interests within the meaning of the above-mentioned regulation. Your data will be kept for an indefinite period, unless you exercise your right to be forgotten.

5. Cookies
Africalia uses cookies on its websites. The SPIP publishing system only uses cookies which are necessary for the proper functioning of the site. The data collected by these cookies are kept for a maximum of 12 months and allow us to improve the site and optimise its technical management.
When you first log in to the Africalia website, you will be asked to agree to your browsing information being stored in cookies and to accept our privacy policy.1 Cookies are small data files saved by a website on your computer or smartphone. They can be retrieved during a subsequent visit to the same site, but cannot be read by any website other than the one that created them.
We use various types of cookie: technical cookies (used to record language settings, for example), session cookies (temporary cookies which last only for the duration of your visit) and tracking cookies (cookies which allow us to track and target your interests in order to improve your experience on our site; however, these cookies are not linked in any way to personally identifiable information).
The cookies are fully subject to our privacy policy, as they are issued and managed by Africalia. If you wish, you can configure your browser to prevent cookies from being installed.
We use the social networks Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube to communicate about our events and those of our partners, and to pass on any interesting information about the latest cultural news relating to Africa.

The social plugins of these suppliers are present on our website. Subject to your consent, our site may allow the use of cookies issued by these third parties. In this case, when you click on one of these plugins, it establishes a direct connection with the server of the social network, indicating that you have visited our site using your browser. Social network sharing cookies are issued and managed by the social network concerned and are governed by their own privacy policy. To avoid transferring your data to social network providers, simply do not click on their plugins.
We also use Google Analytics, a software tool that measures website activity so that the performance of the Afrique Créative website can be analysed. To do this, Google collects information about activity on our site such as the number of sessions, pages viewed, etc.

6. Photos
During most of our events, photographs are taken to document our activities. These photos are used for non-commercial communication purposes only. If you have a problem with appearing in one of these photos which has been published on a physical medium or on the Internet, you have the right to inform us of this. Wherever possible, we try to use wide-angle photographs rather than close-ups, unless we have the consent of the person in the photograph.

1 By continuing your visit to this site, you accept the use of tracking and preference cookies – I understand – Disable cookies – Privacy Policy.

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