Rosine Arzoumpoko KIEMA


Rosine Arzoumpoko KIEMA holds a master's degree in communication and business management which she obtained at IRIMAG in Niamey. She worked for more than 10 years as an executive secretary, then obtained various positions in international NGOs in the administrative and financial department. She worked in Niger and Burkina Faso, her two countries of heart. Being very versatile and entrepreneurial, she started the adventure Biibop in 2018 with Dove Cretin.


BiiBop is an SARL created in 2019. BiiBop imagines and manufactures educational games and toys for children aged 0 to 6. The products (around 50) are manufactured in the Ouagadougou workshop, and are designed to be robust, durable and adapted to the child's development. BiiBop is committed to offering products at the fairest price and accessible to as many children as possible.


The partnership with Afrique Créative allows BiiBop:

  • Developing your creative abilities : the program allows BiiBop to diversify its offering and offer a new collection of attractive educational materials, which meet learning needs.

  • The development of its production capacities : Afrique Créative allows them to equip their workshop with production machines to produce in quantity and superior quality. The development makes it possible to considerably improve the working conditions of craftsmen, while allowing them to optimize artisanal work.

  • Structuring its organizational capabilities : Afrique Créative helps them strengthen administrative, financial and HR departments for an internal structure that allows them sustainable deployment.

  • The opening of distribution channels : Afrique Créative allows them to stabilize and then develop their distribution channels, while allowing them to create appropriate communication tools.


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