Marie and Soumaïla KANLA

The entrepreneurs

Soumaïla Kanla (co-founder): passionate about trees and art in all its forms, Soumaila, a designer who was trained as a cabinetmaker in France, before returning to settle in the area of Fada N’Gourma to create Kalanexpo. He is responsible for design and production.

Marie Kanla (co-founder): involved alongside her husband in the fight against deforestation, Marie is responsible for marketing and sales at Kalanexpo. Based in Ouagadougou, she manages the company’s relations with its national and international clients.

The company

Located between Ouagadougou and Fada n’Gourma since 2016, Kalanexpo aims to preserve and enhance the value of Burkina Faso’s forest resources by fighting against the felling of green trees. To do so, the team travels through the bush in search of naturally dried wood to collect and sublimate it into unique creations.

The designer, Soumaïla Kanla, does not consider dry wood only as a material to be shaped but exposes its beauty and reveals its eternal spirit! From the imperfections, the veining, and the exceptional tonalities of the precious species collected, the designer brings out true masterpieces. The creations signed Kalanexpo, inspired by the spirit of wood, seduce private individuals, but also galleries and interior designers, in Burkina Faso and abroad.

The company is committed on a daily basis to a greener future: in addition to the preservation of green trees, the wood collected is 100% recycled, no loss of material! Kalanexpo has also set up a tree nursery to raise awareness and contribute to the reforestation in the region. Its profits are reinvested in a greener and more sustainable future!

The development project

With Afrique Créative, Kalanexpo is pursuing acceleration objectives. Among these, the brand wants to

  • Improve the production line in order to increase its performance
  • Strengthen the team: recruitment, employee training and contract sustainability
  • Accelerate the increase in sales by creating an online shop and an exhibition gallery
  • Maximize its social and environmental impact, in particular through obtaining a label

Activities have already been carried out

  • The increase in production capacity through the acquisition of new machines and means of transport, the refurbishment of the workshop and training in new techniques.
  • The strengthening of the team, motivated to commit itself to the preservation of the environment of Fada.
  • The deployment of the distribution channel diversification strategy
  • The implementation of the recommendations for obtaining the “For life” label for the year 2020

The impact

of green wood
preserved every year
species referenced
people in training
plants sold per year
people sensitized
in average per day

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