Mohamed BEN SAID

The entrepreneur

In 2010, Mohamed Ben Said creates AKACIA Productions and programs artists of great renown in the various Tunisian state festivals. Two years later, Mohamed co-founded and organized the International Meetings of Alternative Music of Carthage (Mousiqa Wassalem). In 2015, he co-founded the project “TUNES” and developed the activity of artist management and album production.

Mohamed is behind the comeback of GULTRAH SOUND SYSTEM and becomes its manager. At the same time, he joined the teams of Dunes Electroniques and the Dougga International Festival as executive producer. He was also part of the international delegation attached to the French Institute for the festival “Les Transmusicales” in Rennes and participates in the “Pan-African Creative Exchange”, one of the largest trade fairs of live arts in South Africa.

He is also a member of the consultative workshop specific to the administrators of the status of the artist and the artistic professions.

The company

Akacia Productions is a social enterprise that operates in the field of music, specializing in booking activities, organizing shows and structuring festivals.

Akacia Productions is an essential reference in capacity building in the cultural sector and aspires to assume essential functions in the development and promotion of the Tunisian tangible and intangible heritage by promoting its access and visibility to a large audience as well as its employability.

The development project


  • Disseminate the mapping of Tunisian cultural actors, provide communication tools, organize events
  • Strengthen the skills of cultural actors through training and ongoing support
  • Create synergies between cultural actors, public institutions, and civil stakeholders

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