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Focus on e-learning

Creative entrepreneurs, who had always paid attention to their chosen field (including visual arts, fashion, or 3D animation) more than to themes such as [navy blue]marketing[/navy blue] or [navy blue ]management[/navy blue], demonstrate the value of the online learning process for improving their skills in business management and ultimately successfully scale up.

“Afrique Créative gave me the tools to understand how a business works, which will allow me to grow it significantly”

/[Daudi Karungi, Afriart Gallery/]

“We have e-learning every week and it allows us to understand how we become an entrepreneur because initially we are creators. »

[/Sébastien Bazemo, Sébastien Bazemo/]

« Avant Afrique Créative, j’avais des compétences en animation, mais pas en gestion d’entreprise. La plateforme d’e-learning a beaucoup contribué à améliorer mes connaissances et à les appliquer. »

/[David Masanso, Crossroads Multimedia/]

Focus on mentoring

For all entrepreneurs, creative mentoring and business mentoring, which constitute tailor-made support allowing them to respond to specific needs of each structure, has been a real asset in the realization of their acceleration projects.

  • For the Senegalese director Angèle Diabang, the support of Luis Marquès, his creative mentor, was a real support, renewing his inspiration:

“It’s been almost a year and a half since I wrote a single line about the film “Une Si Longue Lettre”. When I met Luis something awakened and I was able to gain a new perspective which gave rise to a much stronger version of the storyline. »

[/Angèle Diabang, Karoninka/]

  • For the Moroccan publishing house Southern languages, who aimed, through Afrique Créative, to become a real multiplatform multimedia content producer, le mentorat a vraiment permis de structurer sa stratégie de développement et de concrétiser l’adaptation de leur collection jeunesse [bleu marine]”Lina et Adam”[/bleu marine] en dessin animé.

“We were accompanied by two mentors. A business mentor and a creative mentor, the business mentor helping us prepare the elements to scale up, the creative mentor, advising us on the animated series. »

/[Patricia Defever, Southern languages/]

Focus on bootcamps

The program's two bootcamps, weeks of intensive workshops, gave entrepreneurs the opportunity to learn from experiences both the speakers and other members of the cohort.

  • The first bootcamp focused on structuring of the economic model of a creative company was revealing for Brahim El Mazned, in the process of developing his business Anya.

“The Ouagadougou bootcamp allowed us to have another look at our structure, we subsequently continued to put into practice what we learned there. »

[/Brahim El Mazned, ANYA/]

Focus on the impact of Afrique Créative

  • The Creative Africa program and more generally the tools it makes available to entrepreneurs allows them to completely rethink their approach so that it becomes that of entrepreneurs, creators of economic value both for their structure and their ecosystems.

“At the start we were not focused on profit, the activities we did had more social impact than economic impact. Today we have a park and services to offer which are commercial. »

/[Fatoumata Pindra, Optimist Productions/]

  • Generally speaking, as funding granted to cultural and creative industries is rare, the Afrique Créative program allows these companies to have the opportunity to create a real added value in their respective fields of activity.

“The cultural and creative industries are not necessarily well funded. Activities like ours would never have found funding without the Creative Africa program!”

/[Soumaila Kanla, KAALA/]

“I encourage all entrepreneurs to apply for the Creative Africa program. It’s a unique program that delivers value. »

/[Elijah Kitaka, FEZAH/]

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