News from our entrepreneurs!

It's been almost two months since our 30 entrepreneurs started their adventure with Afrique Créative!

So, where are they in their support journey? What progress have they made so far?  

Since February, our partner incubators closely follow the 30 selected companies. Each incubator works with 2 to 3 companies per country, offering personalized support with tailor-made coaching sessions. Until now, our winners have mainly focused their efforts on (re)structuring their economic model and redefining their acceleration project. They are also preparing to present their project to the final jury, whose decision will be decisive for their participation in the rest of the Creative Africa program. 

In addition to this personalized support, all the winners meet once a month for online training sessions organized by the Afrique Créative team. These training courses cover various subjects linked to entrepreneurship, the cultural and creative industries (ICC), and even copyright. These collective moments are essential: they promote group cohesion and offer everyone the opportunity to meet and discuss stimulating subjects. 

The combination of close monitoring by incubators and moments of group discussion ensures an equal chance of success and offers optimal preparation for the final pitch test! 

Take a look at the highlights of this first phase and see you in mid-May 2024 for the final selection!   

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